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Door Fittings
Door Fittings we offer are apt for the doors of house and workplaces. These proffer high level of utility and functionality to the doors, making the access easy and safe.
Electronic Lock

Electronic Locks have one key only and thus promote enhanced security. The security code is not visible and the problem of lost key is not there. The access rights can be efficiently updated.

Door Hardware
Door Hardware are used to ensure the simple opening of doors. These wear resistant products can resist grime as well as dirt. The parts offered in this range are suitable for various types of environments.
The Kitchen Wardrobes are the steel fabricated closets, used for the safe and simple storage of various kitchen items. These boost the overall look of the contemporary kitchens, making them more functional and utile.
Zinc Mortice Handles
Zinc Mortice Handles are the handles of sturdy construction, less maintenance and dimensional accuracy. These bestow many structural benefits to the end users. Their design versatility allow them to be used in the decorative places as well.
The Manichitrathazhu Locks are mainly used for the temples. These are offered with an ancient look and have been utilized to provide high level of security to the treasure, since the ancient times.
Pad Locks and Drawer Locks
Offered Pad Locks and Drawer Locks are useful all around the world so as to ensure the protection of garden gates, sheds and bridges. These are suited for everyday use and offer absolute protection from many things.